Best Smartphones under Php 15,000 in the Philippines

Updated: July 10, 2022

How do we rank smartphones

Whenever we inquire about smartphones, we always look for the specs to identify which is better among the options available.

Checking memory and storage is what we usually do and helps us decide which smartphone is better among its peers. If we look for camera phones, we get enticed when we see a phone with a very high resolution such as 64 Megapixel and above.

Little did we know that there are more important specs that we must consider when choosing which is better and among them is the processor.

Processor acts like the brain of a smartphone. The better the processor, the faster your phone apps can run and the more apps it can run in the background at the same time.

A good processor can be efficient with using a battery and make it last longer.

Processor also affects how great images will appear when using the camera.

This makes the processor the most important component of a smartphone and must be checked when buying one.

But with hundreds of smartphone processors or chipsets, it's hard to differentiate which is better from another. You can google it and search each one but it would be time consuming.

So to help you all, Now Inquire: Smartphones rated important specs on each smartphone, including their processor. Computing them all up, we came up with a total rating for each smartphone based on different criteria such as overall, gaming and camera.

The smartphone list below are ranked based on their total ratings under overall criteria with a suggested retail price below Php 15,000.

10 Best Smartphones under Php 15,000

#1 - Samsung Galaxy M52 5G - 8GB 128GB

Snapdragon 778G

Price: Php 14,990.00

Rating: 72.79 / 100

#2 - Infinix Zero 5G

Dimensity 900

Price: Php 11,990.00

Rating: 67.89 / 100

#3 - Infinix Zero X Pro - 8GB 128GB

Helio G95

Price: Php 14,990.00

Rating: 65.33 / 100

#4 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro - 8GB 128GB

Snapdragon 732G

Price: Php 13,590.00

Rating: 65.23 / 100

#5 - Infinix Zero X

Helio G95

Price: Php 12,990.00

Rating: 64.63 / 100

#6 - Infinix Note 10 Pro - 8GB 256GB

Helio G95

Price: Php 11,990.00

Rating: 64.56 / 100

#7 - Infinix Zero X Neo

Helio G95

Price: Php 10,990.00

Rating: 64.2 / 100

#8 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S - 8GB 128GB

Helio G96

Price: Php 12,999.00

Rating: 64.09 / 100

#9 - Realme 8 - 8GB 128GB

Helio G95

Price: Php 13,990.00

Rating: 64.09 / 100

#10 - Huawei nova 7i

Kirin 810

Price: Php 12,999.00

Rating: 64.01 / 100