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by Neilson Gesite - December 24, 2020

Now Inquire article that lists different uses of smartphone.

Mobile gadgets that function as a mini-computer, smartphone is a device that is widely used by people for their daily lives from being an alarm clock, for communication, gaming, camera, to browsing especially after the lockdown that makes work and education done at home. Relieving stress by watching videos, playing games, connecting in social media and many more entertainment or getting news updates were all done in this single device. With a wide range of applications and features, NowInquire categorized smartphone’s different uses which you can use as a basis when checking what fits your needs and budget.


Smartphones used as a professional camera is a trend due to it being lightweight, smaller, its capability to edit photos on the spot using different apps available in the market and sharing it immediately with friends and family. It might not be on the level of DSLR cameras, smartphone cameras evolve every year with new innovation in technology such as periscope telephoto allowing higher zoom capabilities for premium devices.

If you are into taking nature scene shots, an ultrawide smartphone feature is available that allows you to capture a wider angle range than a normal phone main camera does. Macro sensor technology for capturing close up images that allows you to see an object that is not clearly visible to the naked eye. Portrait shot is also available in smartphones with the help of its depth sensor that showcase the professional feel of taking a picture using a professional camera.

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Specs used to run different games depends on the graphics quality and processing requirement of the game. Open world games such as Genshin Impact, Minecraft or Call of Duty require high memory (RAM - Random Access Memory) paired with a good processing power for it to run smoothly. With high processing power requires high battery life or else the device can only be played for a short while.

Different games differ in size but most gamers play storage intensive games which use 2GB to 10GB of internal storage and since we play more than a single game, having a good enough storage on phone is a good choice. Wide screen is also an advantage for a wider view of games, smaller screens means smaller controls but of course not too big or else you won't be able to hold it better and controls will be even harder, pick size based on your hands size or you can use an external controller which is also available in the market.

Lastly, online games require a network and the use of devices that support higher network capability is a must to prevent interruption while playing. While 5G is the highest available network a smartphone can offer, check your mobile data provider if they were already offering it in your location or else just pick the 4G LTE which is available almost everywhere.

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Smartphones are now every traveler's best buddy for its wide range of apps that can help them from reservation, navigation, taking photos, up to sharing those memories for friends and family to see. These apps need specific device specs for them to serve you better.

Navigation apps such as waze and google maps were widely used tools for travelling which required a good network for accuracy and it can also help when browsing and searching for places while out of town which is a must to enjoy more of the vacation. Running these apps, using social media apps or playing games to remove boredom all together will require a good processor and good memory to prevent lag. Using a device for travelling like this will use up battery so it is recommended to use a long battery life device or bring a power bank.

Good camera to capture moments of the trip is a good thing to have too. A camera with ultrawide features is a plus when capturing a large group of people or a wide scenic view of the place you are travelling.

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This category includes listening to music, streaming videos, movies, or watching series, anime and kdrama. Multimedia apps require a good speaker to watch a show with quality sound. As for listening to music, an earphone is mostly used, but having a quality speaker is always a good thing for a music lover.

Apps for multimedia such as Spotify, Netflix, or browsing shows in websites use internet connection. The best quality will always be to connect to a wifi with strong internet, but in case that you are travelling and wifi is unavailable, a 5G or 4G LTE is a must to prevent interruption while streaming. Again, always check with your data provider if 5G is available on places you go or else having a device with it will only worth the same as with 4G LTE.

Lastly, all apps you use for streaming uses cache or memory and having a good amount of RAM will be helpful paired with a good quality processor, watching your favorite show will have a lesser if no lag at all. A long battery life is a must too since using the internet shortens the battery life than normal usage.

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Work / Business

Smartphones used for business purposes widely use financial and banking apps. Using devices with security features such as fingerprint sensors is a good thing to have. Network quality is also needed for doing business especially for communication and accessing reporting and transaction recording apps. A good processor and memory for a quick communication is a must to prevent choppy or laggy conversation.

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Pandemic changes the way students study and online classes is what most schools do. These classes include video chat, online exams, and submitting tasks through email or messaging apps. That is why smartphone devices are in demand since the counterpart laptop is way more expensive. Smartphones with their small size compared to laptops have all essential apps for studying at home but with all the apps and tools needed, specs for education also require improvements.

Video chat requires a highly capable internet connection so a wifi with strong connection is recommended but in case of its unavailability, a device with the best network is a must. A good processor paired with a good memory is also a good thing to have to prevent video interruption or lag.

Study or research materials, and video or browser cache from researching need good enough storage so as to prevent your device from suddenly asking for more storage or stopping or lagging in the middle of a class due to lack of storage.

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General use

Smartphones were generally a device for communicating but with its feature of allowing apps to run on it, it became an all rounder device with millions of apps available in the app store or play store that can help us for our daily life. But if we are talking about most common uses of phones in general like calling, messaging, browsing, social media, reading, or use it as tools we use in our daily life such as clock or calendars, the use of high intensive specs is unnecessary.

There are lots of budget phones appearing nowadays so if you are not into heavy games, high quality cameras for your pictures, don't use apps that require quick or instantaneous responses, just pick these phones to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Budget phones use a good enough network for communication and internet access which is the most necessary for general usage of smart phones along with a good battery life to supplement high power usage due to wifi and data connection. A good processor paired with a good memory will be a good thing to have for daily mobile phone usage but not too high as it will cost you heavily. A good enough selfie and rear camera for occasional use is also fine.

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Knowing what purpose you need your phone will help you budget correctly and prevent you from buying unnecessary devices just because of peer pressure or because it's famous. Remember, smartphone technology is evolving relatively quickly which makes the very expensive 4GB RAM three years ago a common RAM today which is among the weaker and cheaper smartphones already.


1. Why do we need smartphones?

Answer: It can help us greatly by allowing us to communicate with people far from us, use it as a reminder of time and things we need to do on a day, leisure and enjoyment to relax, capture moments, and connect with friends and family.

2. What is the advantage and disadvantage of mobile?

Answer: This device is widely used because of its features, easy access for communication, to check information, do business online, and many more. But consider the negative side of it because if you are addicted to it, you are more likely to always depend on it and afraid when you are detached from your phone (nomophobia).

3. What are the positive effects of mobile phones?

Answer: It can improve your communication skills, you become organized on things that you do, and you are well informed because of easy access to it and many more.

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